Bassist Eleonore Oppenheim performs "Heavy Beating"

Bassist Eleonore Oppenheim performs "Heavy Beating"



Ah, Holy Jesus, for SATB choir and handbells (2003)

alt.culture, for mandolin, guitar, banjo, and bass (2006)

below blue, for piano solo (2005)

Children of the Heavenly Father, for SATB chorus and organ (2001)

In Medias Res, for organ solo (2010)

Mass, for SATB chorus, organ, and soloists (2002)

Negative Pressure, for any group of instruments (2010)

Out of the Deep, for large wind ensemble (2009)

over exposed, for orchestra (2005)

Quick Release, for violin, electric guitar, piano, and percussion (2010)

Seven Pictures of Creation, for chamber ensemble (2002)

Telegraph, for electric guitar quartet (2005)

Your Unending Light, for organ solo (2004)



Automatic Arms, for violin and electronics and video (2008)

Black Book, for flute and electronics (2011)

Brakhage, for bass clarinet and electronics (2010)

Crushed, for cello and electronics (2006)

Hard Fall, for accordion, string quartet, and electronics (2011)

heavy beating, for bass and electronics (2007)

Passenger Fish, an opera for soprano, violin, electric guitar, keyboards, bass guitar, and laptop (2008)

Pluck, for amplified harpsichord (2011)

Restless Drive, for banjo and electronics (2007)

Static Line
V.1 for as many cellos as possible and electronics (2009)
V.2 for solo cello and laptop orchestra (2011)
V.3 for solo cello and electronics (2011)


Fixed Media

Interstitials (a, b, d, e, g, h), for pre-recorded electronics and video (2012)

Loose Cannon, for pre-recorded electronics (2009)